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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin’s Remarks on Joint Letter by Presidents of Two EU Institutions on Taiwan-Related Issue Concerning Lithuania in Response to Letter by Some European Legislators
2021-10-30 12:53

Q: According to media reports, the President of the European Council and the President of the European Commission recently expressed concerns over China’s criticism of Lithuania’s announcement of the opening of representative offices in and from Taiwan in a joint letter in response to a letter from some legislators of the European Parliament and parliaments of European countries. They stated that Lithuania’s move does not breach the EU’s one-China policy and rejected pressure aimed at EU member states. Does the Chinese side have any response?

A: The one-China principle is a universal consensus of the international community and the political foundation for the development of relations between China and all countries having diplomatic ties with it. We firmly oppose the plots of Taiwan authorities to create “two Chinas” and “one China, one Taiwan” in the world. We firmly oppose official exchanges between countries having diplomatic ties with China and Taiwan authorities. We urge the Lithuanian government to abide by the solemn political commitment it made upon establishing diplomatic relations with China and avoid making unsalvageable wrong decisions. The European side should adopt a correct position and avoid disrupting the sound development of relations with China.

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